Tips for Choosing the Best Eyelash Glue

You can take your eyes from ordinary to unforgettable with a pair of false eyelashes, but it’s not always the easiest job in the world. Wearing lashes comes with its own set of concerns. From choosing the right type of lashes for your eyes to the application process, there’s a lot that goes into getting the perfect […]

Natural Methods For Lash Lifting That We’ve Got Our Eyes On

Eyelashes Are Trending There’s a lash lift bar that just opened around the corner from my apartment. I walk by every day, slowing my stroll to peek through the glass and see what the fuss is all about. Petal pink couches and faux fur rugs decorate the waiting room; a bubbly receptionist answers the phone. […]

All About Eyelash Extensions & Treatments

Though their original purpose is to protect the eyes from wind and dirt particles, most of us consider our eyelashes in a slightly different light. In most cases, lush eyelashes — especially eyelash extensions — help us feel flirty, healthy, youthful, and beautiful. When they start to thin, we naturally start looking for solutions. You’ve probably […]